Adult Catechesis

Sundays at 10.00a


Virtues and Vices 


This year in Adult Catechesis we will explore the tradition of the Virtues and Vices, that is, what holiness in Christ looks like (and doesn’t!).


In the Fall, we’ll focus on the seven deadly sins and their corrective virtues (e.g. Humility and Pride, Gluttony and Abstinence). In the Spring, we’ll cover the cardinal virtues (Prudence, Justice, Fortitude, Temperance) and the theological virtues (Faith, Hope and Love). 


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Spring 2017


Jan. 8 : Epiphany

Matt Milliner (audio)


Jan. 15: Gratitude

Jim Leonard (audio)


Jan. 22: Prudence and Candlemas

Matt Milliner (audio)


Jan 29: No Catechesis


Feb 5: Justice

Hal Merck (audio)


Feb. 12: Fortitude

Joy Unger (audio)


Feb. 19: Temperance

Matt Milliner (audio)


Feb. 26: Lent

Mary Baker (audio)


Mar. 5: Wrath

Bethany Erickson (audio)


Mar. 12: Faith

Matt Milliner (audio)


Mar. 19: Intellectual Virtues

Jay Wood (audio)


Mar. 26: The Annunciation

Matt Milliner (audio)


Apr. 2: Hope

Joy and Andrew Unger (audio)


Apr. 9: Hope

Joy and Andrew Unger (audio)


Apr. 16: No catechesis (Easter)


Apr. 23: Love

Daniel Horn (audio)


Apr. 30: Summer Festivals

Matt Milliner (audio)


May 7: Joy

Jim Leonard (audio)


Fall 2016


Sept. 11: Intro to Vices & Virtues 

Matt Milliner (audio)


Sept. 18: Envy 

Matt Milliner (audio)


Sept. 25: Suffering & Patience I 

Roy Stiff (audio)


Oct. 2: Suffering & Patience II 

Roy and Gosia Stiff (audio)


Oct. 9: Lust 

Joel Erickson (audio)


Oct. 16: Chastity 

Bethany Erickson (audio)


Oct. 23: Sloth/Acedia

Ryan Clevenger (audio)


Oct. 30: All Saints/Souls 

Adam Wood  (audio)


Nov. 6: Pride 1

Bob Roberts (audio)


Nov. 13: Pride 2

Bob Roberts (audio)


Nov. 20: Humility 

Bob Roberts (audio)


Nov. 27: Gluttony 

James & Sarah Gordon (audio)


Dec. 4: Abstinence 

James & Sarah Gordon (audio)


Dec. 11: Advent 

Daniel Horn (audio)


Dec. 18: Blessings of KDS

Kathy Cathey (audio)




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