children's ministries


When children are baptized into the Church, the entire community pledges to help them to know God and to follow Jesus Christ. All Souls takes that responsibility seriously!




birth through age 3 . . . during the Catechesis Hour, worship service & Wednesday Nights @ All Souls

The goal of our Nursery is to provide a nurturing environment where our youngest children can feel safe and become comfortable being at church with their families. During the worship service, we sing songs and tell a Bible story that has an age appropriate message. Providing Nursery care affords the parents of our youngest the opportunity to learn and worship with the peace of mind that their children are safe and content. Parents are encouraged to pick up their children from the Nursery to join them for Communion.



sunday school

age* 4 through grade 5 . . . during the Catechesis Hour

Sunday School is an opportunity for children to explore the stories of the Bible and learn the basics of the Christian faith at an age-appropriate level. The Catechesis Hour occurs each Sunday during the school year, except for the Sundays before and after Christmas and Easter Sunday.



children's worship

age* 1 through grade 5 . . . during the worship service

Children's Worship allows our children the opportunity to worship by listening and responding to God's stories, and by developing a life of prayer. We call each worship room an Atrium, because we are welcoming our children into a life of worship. With our Sprouts Atrium (1s and 2s), our liturgy is music-based and surrounds a series of core biblical stories. We use the Young Children & Worship and Following Jesus stories with our older children as the core of our worship time, and surround them by an abbreviated Anglican liturgy.




age* 4 through grade 5 . . . during Wednesday Nights @ All Souls

Treehouse is held on Wednesday evenings during the school year and is part of our all-church Wednesday Night @ All Souls program. Treehouse provides our children with time to study God's Word together. This school year we will be reading about Paul and the letters that he wrote during his lifetime. There will be maps, shipwrecks and snakes (not real ones). We will be memorizing Bible verses and having a snack or two along the way.  Come join us on the journey!



vacation bible school

age* 3 through (entering) grade 5 . . . one week in the summertime

For a week each summer, VBS brings children together to do crafts, sing songs, play games and learn how to live into the likeness of Jesus. A wonderful team of teens and adults joins in for the joy of serving children from All Souls and the surrounding neighborhoods. The whole week is covered by prayer and topped off with an ice cream social.



* All ages are as of September 1. For class placement questions, please speak to the Ministry Coordinator or Director of Children's Ministries.