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This page is a comprehensive list of all the official ways that we gather together and serve at our church. You'll notice each item includes a contact person if you are interested in more information. This is the best place to find out how to get involved at All Souls!




Our worship service is traditional, but highly participatory. We sing hymns with a pipe organ, and have lots of con- gregational call and response. It looks very formal, but it is accessible to any and all that want to join in. Even though we are traditional, we’re not exclusive. 


altar guild  

Bonnie Jensen   bonnie.jensen@allsouls.com

Our altar guild assists the clergy by preparing the elements, vessels, and linens for communion. They coordinate seasonal flowers for our worship space, and set up the altar for all eucharistic services. 



Dorel Marchis   dorel.marchis@allsouls.com

Our ushers help bring us into worship on Sundays by handing out bulletins and assisting people in finding seats. They collect the offering and do other small tasks that– while behind the scenes– are imperative to allowing us to come into the presence of God each week. 



Carolyn Hart   carolyn.hart@allsouls.com

Our choir practices weekly before the 11:00 service, and offers praise to God in song during that service. 


readers, chalicers, and acolytes  

Kevin Gimre   kevin.gimre@allsouls.com

Our liturgical service runs through the work of our volunteers who carry in the cross, candles, and Gospel, read the scriptures and the Prayers of the People, and help distribute communion. 


lay eucharistic visitors  

Rob Lewis   rob.lewis@allsouls.com

For the Souls who cannot make it to our doors on Sunday morning, we extend our reach by bringing the Eucharist to them. It is a beautiful time of worship that includes a short service as well as the opportunity to catch up with someone who has been out of loop for a bit. No previous training required. 



seasons for souls  

Cristy Marchis   cristy.marchis@allsouls.com

As an Anglican church, All Souls enjoys following the liturgical calendar. We connect with this ecclesiastical tool through our community celebrations and seasonal gatherings, such as All Hallows’ Eve, St. Nicholas, and Epiphany. We also gather for seasonal activities outside our building such as apple picking and a trip to the Dunes. We continue to find ways for these days of celebration to draw us closer to our Creator. 


adult catechesis  

Dr Matthew Milliner   matt.milliner@allsouls.com

We study so that we can worship God more richly, obey Him more consistently, and make the Good News of Jesus Christ known to others. Our Sunday school classes, Wednesday Night program, and Bible studies seek to create a community of lifelong learners. Read more >


spiritual formation   

Dcn. Mary Baker   mary.baker@allsouls.com

We receive Christ in order to become more like him. But we need each other to fulfill this divine mandate. Thus we express love to each other in a variety of ways: through praying the Daily Offices in our homes, small group prayer and spritual formation, community daily office prayer ser- vices including lectio divina, and retreats. Read more >


children’s ministry  

Jennifer Merck   jennifer.merck@allsouls.com

We partner with families to nurture their children and to help children know and worship God, understand His Word, live like His Son, share His love with friends and others, and grow into life-long followers of Jesus Christ. Read more >


through the roof  

Jennifer Merck   jennifer.merck@allsouls.com

Our special needs ministry assures that all children are welcomed to participate in Education, Worship, and Fellowship. We partner with families to strategize how best to meet their child’s needs. This has included assistive devices, classroom “aides” and Shepherds for worship. 



Kristin Frost   kristin.frost@allsouls.com

The goal of our Nursery is to provide a nurturing environment where our youngest children can feel safe and become comfortable being at church with their families. During the worship services we sing songs, tell a Bible story, and pray. Read more >


sunday school  

Kathryn Hackman   kathryn.hackman@allsouls.com

Sunday School–or Education hour– is an opportunity for children to explore the stories of the Bible and learn the basics of the Christian faith each Sunday during the school year. Read more >


children’s worship  

Jennifer Merck   jennifer.merck@allsouls.com

Children’s Worship allows our children to listen and respond to God’s stories and develop a life of prayer. With our Youngest Atrium (2s and 3s), our liturgy is music-based and surrounds a series of core biblical stories. We tell God’s stories with our older children as the core of our worship time and surround them by an abbreviated Anglican liturgy. Read more >



Ann McCarthy   ann.mccarthy@allsouls.com

Treehouse is part of our all-church Wednesday Night @ All Souls program. Treehouse provides our children with time to study God’s Word together. We memorize Bible verses, and have a snack or two along the way. Read more >



Ann McCarthy   ann.mccarthy@allsouls.com

For a week each summer, VBS brings children together to do crafts, sing songs, play games and learn how to live into the likeness of Jesus. A wonderful team of teens and adults joins in for the joy of serving kids from All Souls and the surrounding neighborhoods. 


youth ministry  

Fr. Andrew Unger  andrew.unger@allsouls.com

Our youth ministry aims to help middle school and high school students live abundantly by forming their identities in Christ. We do this through studies and conversations within our own group, as well as connecting students to the church at large. Read more >


college group  

Jason and Heidi Long   college@allsouls.com

While college students are always welcome at any event for adults at All Souls, we also offer occasional opportunities for our students to gather together for fellowship, and we intend to facilitate meetings or matches with students and families. Led by a Wheaton College profes- sor and his wife, our College Group meets periodically throughout the school year. Let us know if your family would like to connect with students. Read more >


women’s bible study  

Ann McCarthy  ann.mccarthy@allsouls.com

The Monday Morning Bible Study group is made up of women of all ages and varying life experiences. What we share in common is a desire to earnestly engage in the study of God’s Word with lively discussion, thoughtful reflection, and prayer. We meet Mondays from 9.30a-11.30a throughout the year. Childcare is provided, if there is a need. Read more >


men’s bible study  

Mark Tader   mark.tader@allsouls.com

We are a lively intergenerational gathering of men who meet each Saturday at 7.30a for study and discussion fueled by coffee and doughnuts. Childcare not provided. Read more >


all souls book group   

Dcn. Mary Baker  mary.baker@allsouls.com

Our Book Group for men and women meets several times throughout the year to discuss a current book and the faith issues it poses. Read more >


care ministries  

Joy Unger   joy.unger@allsouls.com

All Souls has a number of ways that we care for our own community in body, mind and spirit.


hands for souls  

Sandy Mclain   sandy.mclain@allsouls.com

Hands for Souls is a ministry that makes small (or large) items of comfort for people in our community (prayer shawls, chemo caps, scarves, small simple blankets or quilts), with crafty hands and lots of prayers. We meet once a month to knit, sew, crochet, pray and talk. Read more >


intercessory prayer  

Joy Unger   joy.unger@allsouls.com

After each service on Sunday, we welcome any who would like to receive individual prayer to come to the cross. Intercessory prayer is an opportunity to quietly minister to our church family in a loving & private way. This is a once-a- month commitment to remain after one service. Ideally we can serve in teams. No previous training required. 


prayer chain  

Ann McCarthy   ann.mccarthy@allsouls.com

It is our privilege to raise one another’s prayers not just on Sunday, but throughout our week. That’s where the prayer chain comes in. This confidential email chain is dedicated to pray alongside our church family for any need that arises. No need to go anywhere– this is an opportunity to serve from your own home! 


soul food  

Carolyn Hart   carolyn.hart@allsouls.com

Our Soul Food ministry offers a chance to provide members of our All Souls family with a meal when they need it most: usually after surgery, a loss, or when welcoming a new life into the world. Once a need is made known, you will receive an email asking for meals on the appropriate dates, as well as essential information (such as any known allergies), and you volunteer for a meal. Then you deliver the food. It’s that simple! 



Carolyn Hart   carolyn.hart@allsouls.com

Our yoga group meets every week to spend time refreshing their bodies and souls. The group does a specifically Christian yoga that involves prayer. Read more >


missions and evangelism  

Denny Siebold   denny.siebold@allsouls.com

The desire of Missions & Evangelism is to help the All Souls community become the hands and feet of Jesus as we care for the least among us in our local community and serve international ministries who carry the Gospel around the world. Some of our partners in this effort are:

Read more >


kenya children’s fund (kcf) 

Kathy Cathey   kathy.cathey@allsouls.com

All Souls has committed to sponsor 10 kids in the slum of Dandora in Nairobi, Kenya. Dandora is built on the Nairobi city dump, and the children face the challenges of extreme poverty, a toxic environment, and high crime rates. Our sponsorship gives them an excellent education at Kinyago- Dandora Secondary School, 2 nutritious meals a day, free medical care, and ultimately–hope. You can help by writing to one of our students, sponsoring your own child, making a donation, or praying for the kids. Read more >


higher ground  

Elaine Hooker   elaine.hooker@allsouls.com

The Higher Ground project is a specific way All Souls is partnering with KCF. This project focuses on raising funds to support the new vocational school that KCF has started in the slum of Dandora which offers classes in sewing, beading, soap-making and hair-braiding—bringing hope and opportunity to the students who do not pass their strict national exams, as well as others in the community who have no other options. You can participate by coming to or volunteering for our fundraising events, making a donation, or joining the prayer team. Read more >



Denise Gamez  denise.gamez@allsouls.com

Our fellowship team organizes and runs the times and places where our community can connect with each other and grow together, including the coffee hour after every service, receptions after special events (like baptisms and ordinations), and the Seder Supper. The fellowship team also keeps our kitchen clean and organized. 



Jennifer Merck   jennifer.merck@allsouls.com

Our communications team meets weekly to gather and disperse information about what is going on in our community so that people get connected with the ministries that they can serve with and be served by. 



Brad Cathey   brad.cathey@allsouls.com

Our space is maintained by an all-volunteer team of dedicated souls. We ensure our space is clean and maintained so that we have a place to do the work that God has called us to do. 


welcome & membership  

Brad Cathey   brad.cathey@allsouls.com

We desire to welcome those who are new, answer any questions about our community, and make sure all become fully integrated into our family. While you can participate fully in the worship and education of the All Souls community without becoming a member, members have the privilege of voting at congregational meetings for vestry candidates, and in other ways helping to set the future direction of this congregation. 

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