Our worship service is tradtional, but highly participatory. We sing hymns with a pipe organ, and have lots of congregational call and response. It looks very formal, but it is accessible to any and all that want to join in.


Even though we are traditional, we're not exclusive. There's no dress code. Some of our parishioners express their reverence for God by dressing in their Sunday best while others, intending no irreverence, dress quite casually. Wear whatever you find comfortable. Whatever you wear, please remember to silence your mobile phone before the service begins so that you don't become the accidental center of attention.


If our formal liturgical worship is new to you, don't stress. Just sit, stand, or kneel when everyone else does. Any other gestures or responses are purely optional. Everything you need to know about the order of service is printed in your bulletin. You will never be singled out or called on to do anything during the worship service.


Baptized Christians are invited to receive holy communion at the appointed time during the service. If you're not a baptized Christian or if you choose not receive communion, we still invite you to come to the altar rail with everyone else so as to receive a blessing. During this high holy moment in our service, we'd count it a privilege to say a brief prayer for you. To receive a blessing rather than communion, cross your forearms over your chest in an X pattern. You may, of course, simply stay seated in your pew during communion, and no one will think it the least bit odd.


Worship services are followed by coffee and cookies downstairs. Please join us and let us meet you.